Embroidered Dishcloth Cat
Embroidered Dishcloth Cat
Embroidered Dishcloth Cat

Embroidered Dishcloth Cat



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The Kaya Dishcloths are commonly used to wipe tables and bench tops in Japanese homes. These dishcloths are made with traditional weaving techniques in Nara, Japan. Their textured surface allows for better cleaning while damp. They are breathable, water absorbent and quick drying with 8 layers of material. There are so many uses for this Japanese style "wiping" towel. It is idea for dishwashing, easily reducing the dirt or grim with less detergent, great for wiping off table spillage, and is suitable for wiping clean delicate dishes and cups.

  • Made in Japan
  • Made with all-natural fibers utilizing the technique of traditional Japanese “Kaya” mosquito nets
  • Materials: 100% rayon
  • Dimension : 11.8”W X 11.8”L 
  • ​First use: soak the towel in warm water first to get the starch out. See the towel shrink and become soft and fluffy, with 1.3 times more absorption than cotton.
  • Care: Easy care, machine-washable on the gentle cycle. Avoid tumble drying.